Play It Forward Therapy

Back To School Party

Do you have the back to school blues? Feeling nervous? Excited? Or perhaps “nerve-cited” as one of my little clients described how she felt about starting kindergarten. However you feel, going back to school after summer break is a BIG transition for both kids and parents. Kids may be excited to see friends they’ve missed over the summer, but feel unsure about other aspects of school.Feelings of worry or even anxiety in kids can be expected during this transition time. Questions like… Who will be in my class? Are my friends in my class? Will I like my teacher? Who will I sit with at lunch? Who can I play with at recess? What if I miss the bus? All of these concerns are valid ones, so be sure to reassure your child by telling them that everything is figureoutable!

Backpack Strategies for Parents and Students

The American Occupational Therapy Association provides some excellent tips for backpack wearing plus some bonus strategies for packing a purse.