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Separation Anxiety Strategies: How to Make Goodbyes Easier for Children

How to Manage Separation Anxiety in Young Children: Effective strategies for parents, therapists and teachers to help make goodbyes easier.

Holiday Help for Picky Eaters

We hope that Thanksgiving, and holiday get togethers in general, are a source of food and fun.  But for some kids, holiday meal times may feel more like food and fuss, especially for kids that are picky eaters. Occupational therapists understand that mealtimes can be a challenging experience for parents of picky eaters. The holiday… Continue reading Holiday Help for Picky Eaters

Grilled Cheese Turkey Gobbler Sandwich

Kids will enjoy making this twist on a classic grilled cheese sandwich! It’s a Turkey Sandwich without the turkey… but how can that be?! Using a knife to make 3 simple cuts transforms your plain sandwich into a silly turkey that will be gobbled up in no time!

Plus, it’s a clever way to get in a balanced meal of grains, dairy and veggies. I made a ham and grilled cheese in this example. You can always sub out the ingredients if your child has food allergies or make a completely different type of sandwich. Make it your own! This is an easy lunch prep idea that older children can help with.

The 2 Crucial Roles That Social-Emotional Development and Executive Functioning Play in Child Mental Health

Are you absolutely smitten with babies? Do the toddler years fill you with wonder and excitement? If your answer is a resounding yes, then continue reading to learn how you can help infants, toddler and their families lay the foundation for future, healthy mental health. The truth is, oftentimes pediatric therapists focus their therapy treatment… Continue reading The 2 Crucial Roles That Social-Emotional Development and Executive Functioning Play in Child Mental Health

Puffy Pumpkin & Fluffy Ghost Craft

For 3-D art that pops, make this adorable Jack O’ Lantern and a fluffy ghost that can almost fly off the page! Benefits of this Activity This occupational therapy activity is a wonderful way to work on fine motor skills, sensory processing and executive functioning. Here are some ideas how to transform this cute craft… Continue reading Puffy Pumpkin & Fluffy Ghost Craft

Unlocking the Power of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health in Occupational Therapy: 3 Key Reasons Why It Matters

Occupational therapy’s scope of practice includes children’s mental health. Pediatric mental health should be a priority for all pediatric therapists, especially when working in early intervention or with young children and their caregivers.

Nurturing Your Baby’s Early Relationships: The Crucial Social-Emotional Milestones

We’re about to explore the key social-emotional milestones that shape the bond between caregivers and infants during their first year.

Witches Fingers Breadsticks

These eerie and delicious Witches Fingers Breadsticks are perfect for Halloween parties or just a wickedly good snack.
But that’s not all – rolling and pinching the pizza dough is a fantastic way to support children’s fine motor coordination.

How Occupational Therapy Helps Picky Eaters

Occupational Therapy treatment can help kids with picky eating habits and strong sensory-based food preferences enjoy and eat a wider variety of foods.

Essential Backpack Safety Tips

There’s one easy way to take a load of stress off of your student! Did you know that Occupational therapists are experts in ergonomics and promoting healthy habits to make daily routines easier? Keep on reading to learn how to help your child practice backpack safety. It might seem like a small detail, but ensuring… Continue reading Essential Backpack Safety Tips