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Thanksgiving with a Picky Eater

Thanksgiving with a Picky Eater

We hope that Thanksgiving, and holiday get togethers in general, are a source of food and fun.  But for some kids, holiday meal times may feel more like food and fuss, especially for kids that are picky eaters.

Everyone loves Thanksgiving, right? Not if you are a picky eater. All those lovely treats we associate with Thanksgiving are what a picky eater dreads. Cranberry sauce? Slimy. Green Bean Casserole? Looks funny.  Home made stuffing? Looks and smells different from Stovetop! Here are a few tips for helping your picky eater (and you) have a good Thanksgiving
  1. Make sure you have a few foods your child enjoys on the table. Even if it’s mac’n’cheese from a box.
  2. If you go to a relative’s for Thanksgiving bring your child’s food with you.
  3. Let your kid help out with food preparation, it can make foods less intimidating.
  4. TELL YOUR CHILD AND RELATIVES the plan. Make sure Great Aunt Karen knows not to try to bribe or force your child to eat something they aren’t ready for. Make sure your child knows there will be food they like.
  5. Tell your child the menu and let them know that it would be AWESOME if they tasted something new, but they can also say no thank-you

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By Beth

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