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Fishing Game Craft

Catch Those Wiggly Fish! Kids will love making their own mini fishing pole to reel in these wiggly fish. This fishing game craft helps kids practice fine motor skills, eye…

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Easy, Earth Day OT Activities

All you need is a plastic cup with a lid, scissors, a permanent marker and perhaps some glue and googly eyes (fun, but not a necessity). You’re going to create a face by drawing on the lid and cutt…

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Pancake Puffy Paint

Here’s a simple recipe to make your own puffy paint with ingredients commonly found in your cupboard. It’s called “Pancake” Puffy Paint because when you microwave it, your paint designs will …

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Candy Cane Fishing takes some patience, but in the end it's worth it! This Candy Cane Fishing activity encourages self-regulation because it requires moving slowly in order to succeed. It's a...…

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Pressed Leaf Placemat

Q: Why do leaves fall from dogwood trees? A: They're afraid of the bark. Q: How do leaves get from place to place? A: They use Autumn-obiles. The season of Fall brings a smile to my face (as…

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Pumpkin Bash

There’s something so satisfying about pounding pegs into a pumpkin! Channel your child’s desire to hit or pound something with this Pumpkin Bash activity. Using a wooden mallet to pound push-pin…

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Puffy Pumpkin Craft

Puffy Pumpkin Craft Puffy Pumpkin Craft Supplies orange tempura paint white glue shaving creme paint brush construction paper or cardstock You may also like spooky Halloween Snacks. RELATED POSTS…

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Back To School Party

Do you have the back to school blues? Feeling nervous? Excited? Or perhaps “nerve-cited” as one of my little clients described how she felt about starting kindergarten. However you feel, goin…

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Let the games begin!

Let the games begin! Kids will love these Summer Olympics Activities designed to help kids improve coordination, balance, strength and fitness. All of these Olympic crafts and games were designed by p…

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Easy Strawberry Jam by Jessica McMurdie

Easy Strawberry Jam

Easy Strawberry Jam Have you ever tasted a juicy, red ripe strawberry or eaten a plump raspberry that’s deliciously sweet and perfectly tart? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy the taste of summer …

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