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Edible Pencil Cookie

Go ahead, chew on this pencil eraser! As a matter of fact, feel free to eat the entire pencil…. cookie...

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Back To School Party

Do you have the back to school blues? Feeling nervous? Excited? Or perhaps “nerve-cited” as one of my little clients...

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7 Healthy Homework Habits

How can we help our kids develop healthy homework habits that will translate into other traits needed to be successful...

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Easy Strawberry Jam by Jessica McMurdie

Easy Strawberry Jam

Easy Strawberry Jam Have you ever tasted a juicy, red ripe strawberry or eaten a plump raspberry that’s deliciously sweet...

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Let’s Celebrate Dads!

To all the Fathers out there… Father’s Day is the time for you to celebrate YOU! Give yourself a pat on...

Let’s celebrate mom

To all the Moms out there… Mother’s Day is the time for you to celebrate YOU! Give yourself...