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A Night To Shine

Can you picture what your child will be look like or be like in 10, 15 or 20 years?! Sometimes...

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The 8 Sensory Systems

Visual Processing: Visual processing includes visual acuity (how clearly you can see) and ocular motor control (how well your eyes...

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Pencil Cookie

Go ahead, chew on this pencil eraser! As a matter of fact, feel free to eat the entire pencil…. cookie...

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Bucket Filling

One of the key elements to making and keeping friends is social skills! This month at the clinic, the kids...

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Rainbow Veggie Snack

How’s your luck with getting your kids to eat vegetables? Our feeding therapists love this colorful Rainbow Snack because it...

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Hanukkah Cookies

HANUKKAH TREATS These miniature Menorah Cookies are a sure way to brighten your next Hanukkah celebration

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OT Screening Checklists

Do you suspect that your child or student may have challenges reaching certain developmental milestones? The Preschool and School Age...

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Sensory Tools and Travel Tips

Vacations are definitely something to look forward to this summer! Exploring new cities, discovering the national parks, relaxing at the...

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Let’s celebrate mom

To all the Moms out there… Mother’s Day is the time for you to celebrate YOU! Give yourself a pat...

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Butterfly Cookie

Add this delicious Butterfly Cookie activity to your next science lesson and your kids will be sure to remember all...

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