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DIY Scooter Board Obstacle Course

DIY Scooter Board Obstacle Course


For 1 Tunnel use 3/4″ PVC pipe and connectors

  • 3-  24″ long pieces of  PVC pipe
  • 2-  Elbow joint connectors (90 Degree)
  • 2- 3 way connectors
  • 4- 12″ long pieces of PVC pipe
  • 4- end caps
  • Optional PVC glue


Figure out how many tunnels you want to make  Multiple that number by the quantities above.

1.  Sides: Make a “T” shape for each side by using a 3 way connecter.  Insert two 12″ pipes with 2 end caps for the horizontal base.  Insert the 24″ piece perpendicular so it goes up and down.  Repeat for the second side.

2.  Top: Make the top of the tunnel.  Use two elbow joint connecters to attach the top 24″ pipe to the two sides.

3.  Repeat for each tunnel.

4.  Attach Garlands, zip ties or other decorations to your tunnel

Check out this Scooter Board Video to see how it turned out

Lie on your tummy and propel yourself through this scooter board obstacle course.

More Play Ideas

  • Crawl through the tunnel
  • Spread the tunnels farther apart for a longer course
  • Scatter flat items on the floor to collect (e.g. foam shapes, puzzle pieces, paper cut outs etc)
  • Make different themed tunnels for different holidays (Halloween, Under the Sea, Car Wash etc)

Skills Addressed

  • Upper extremity weight bearing
  • Core strength
  • Motor planning
  • Sequencing
  • Tactile tolerance for light touch on the back while navigating through the tunnels