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Pancake Puffy Paint

Here’s a simple recipe to make your own puffy paint with ingredients commonly found in your cupboard. It’s called “Pancake”...

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Christmas Car Wash

Kids will absolutely LOVE this scooter board obstacle course or “Christmas Car Wash”. Lie down on your tummy and propel...

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Candy Cane Fishing takes some patience, but in the end it's worth it! This Candy Cane Fishing activity encourages self-regulation...

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Pumpkin Bash

There’s something so satisfying about pounding pegs into a pumpkin! Channel your child’s desire to hit or pound something with...

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Spooky Slime

Let’s get messy! In occupational therapy we have a few good and gooey reasons to make slime! Introducing different textures...

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Pumpkin Fidget

Is your child constantly touching things? Does your student have trouble sitting still while listening or while waiting? Do you...

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Puffy Pumpkin Craft

Puffy Pumpkin Craft Puffy Pumpkin Craft Supplies orange tempura paint white glue shaving creme paint brush construction paper or cardstock...

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Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day Card Cute cards to make moms smile… Learn how to make this cute and cheerful Mother’s Day card!...

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