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Valentine Scooter Board Obstacle Course

Valentine Scooter Board Obstacle Course

Kids will absolutely LOVE this scooter board obstacle course aka “The Valentine Car Wash”.

Lie down on your tummy and propel yourself forward through the tunnel.  As you come across the Valentine, pick it up, then push up your arms to place the Valentine under your chest.  This requires upper body and arm strength as well as weight shifting from one arm to the next, strengthening the shoulder girdle and core.  It also challenges motor planning because your child must figure out how to move forward using their arms as well as sequencing multiple steps to collect the items as they propel through the tunnels.

To increase the challenge:

  • Use the arms only to self-propel.
  • Lengthen or shorten the distance from start to finish.
  • Add 10+ objects to pick up (10 repetitions)

To modify or make it easier:

  • Shorten the distance.

  • Have fewer objects to pick up.

  • Allow the child to push with both hands and feet while lying on their tummy.  Or self-propel with hands while sitting in a kneeling/quadraped position.

  • Allow the child to crawl through the tunnels, notice if they are crawling using reciprocal movements.  Are they using reciprocal movements by alternating opposite arm and leg (this is what we want)?  Or are they crawling with the same side (right arm and right leg) at the same side to propel forward?

  • Consider the scooter board surface.  Hard flooring makes it easier for the scooter to propel, but less comfortable for the child crawling on hands and knees.  Carpet will increase the resistance.

  • Wear long sleeves.  For kids with tactile sensitivity to light touch, the sensation of the streamers brushing the top of the back and head may be bothersome for the highly sensitive child.

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