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What Is It You Really Want?

My name is Jessica McMurdie OTR/L, and I’m so glad you’re here.   Chances are that we have a lot in common… we’re dedicated to mastering our clinical skills, finding innovative ways to help and heal others in our therapy practices and working hard to start a profitable private practice that gives us the freedom and flexibility to do all the other things we love…. like spending time with loved ones, getting in the “flow” with our hobbies and taking a much needed vacation to relax and recharge.
The problem is, as private practice owners and therapy entrepreneurs, we tend to stretch our clinician role into multiple roles and before we know it, we’re juggling everything at once, from serving as the clinical director, scheduling coordinator, billing department, customer service rep, content creator, operations manager and marketing maven.
When you look at it that way, the idea of being able to wake up to freedom and flexibility and truly enjoy a vacation without worrying about the business, seems more like fantasy than  reality.

It’s Not Easy...But It's Possible

Let me be 100% transparent here… owning and running a private practice is not for the faint of heart.  It takes a lot of hard work, an investment in time and energy and there’s definitely some risk involved.  However, sticking with a regular job (even if it snuffs out your passion), is a whole lot safer, and definitely easier than creating your own practice from scratch.

But if you’re anything like me (and I have an inkling that you are), there’s no way you can imagine your future self practicing in the same work situation that leaves you feeling underappreciated, overworked and uninspired. 

You might be clocking in and out every day, but something about the idea of starting your own private practice seems intriguing. Or maybe have already started your practice and are working round the clock, but I know that it’s not your ultimate plan to be hustling for your entire career.

You’ve got the passion and the determination to bring your creative ideas to life and to expand your reach so that you can make an even greater impact in the lives of others.
Whether you’re a seasoned clinician or a fairly new therapist who wants to start your own private practice, we can assume that business training was not a part of your clinical program, because that’s not what you went to school for.

The Opportunity

Now the opportunity of starting a private practice can be tempting whether you decide to offer services in person or online.  You have what it takes to be successful, you’re ready to jump in and put in the work, but you’re missing one ingredient and that is the step by step recipe for success!
Here’s The Good News…

Just like how following a tried and true recipe for your favorite meal ensures it’ll turn out amazing every time, chances are that if you follow a step-by-step process when creating your business, you’ll be delighted with how amazing it turns out too.

You Are Not Alone

Wouldn’t it be nice to skip the stress, the overwhelm and the unnecessary struggle to get your practice off the ground?  Can you imagine what your life would be like if you could woke up tomorrow…

  • Knowing you don’t have to do it all by yourself! 
  • Feeling energized and excited about your work
  • Having a clear sense of direction for your practice
  • Knowing how to attract your ideal clients 
  • Feeling organized with online resources and templates at your fingertips
  • Inspired by an exclusive and positive community of therapy entrepreneurs
  • Reclaiming your time and autonomy over your schedule
  • Feeling strong, inspired and ready to pursue whatever gives you the most satisfaction in life.

The truth is, many solopreneurs or clinic owners get so overwhelmed and busy working IN the business, they don’t set aside the time to work ON the business.

The Best Time Is Now

I know that you may prefer working in the clinical side of your practice and it makes sense because as a clinician, you are the expert! But the fact is, you deserve to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur.  Now is the time for you to reach your potential to become the best practice owner and leader in your business.

Go All In

You’ll find that going “all in” on continuing business and marketing education is the best investment you can make not only for your own professional growth as an entrepreneur, but also for your practice’s bottom line.  And I promise to make it as practical, exciting and fun as possible.  My hope is that you’ll come out of our coaching sessions with actionable ideas that you can use immediately in your business, whether you own a brick and mortar practice or if you run a virtual therapy business.  I’ve done both and can help you where you need it most.

How I Can Help You

Play It Forward Therapy, is a consulting company that specializes in helping health care and therapy entrepreneurs get the essential business training and expertise they need to set their private practices up for success.

Play It Forward Therapy’s unique, proprietary framework and coaching model will teach you step by step how to achieve a sustainable, prosperous business that allows you to live and work in a life you love.
As a matter of fact, I’m happy to pass along the same business strategies and marketing tactics that helped my practice evolve from the trunk of my car to a 7 figure business.

Everything I do from my free webinar, to my step by step course, along with group and individual coaching, is about …

  • Helping the helpers and healers of the world.  
  • Empowering those clinicians who want to increase their impact and their income!
  • It’s about sharing those secret ingredients to help you create a private practice that yields incredible results over time.
That’s why I share simple ideas and strategies a few times a month.
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about jessica Mcmurdie

Jessica McMurdie believes in paying it forward… which is why she is passionate about helping solopreneur clincians and midsize practices to capitalize on their expertise to build sustainable, prosperous and fulfilling private practices.  Jessica founded Play It Forward Consulting services because she believes that if clinicians can expand their reach using the best business and marketing tools, they can make an even greater impact in their own communities and beyond.  Jessica brings over 20 years of clinical and business experience to help health care entrepreneurs achieve their potential as practice owners and leaders.  Click on the button below to schedule a free 30 minute discovery call today.


I just finished watching your course and loved every minute of it.
The lessons are very informative and engaging

~ Sabrina COTA/L

Jessica’s course made me feel more positive and comfortable about telehealth practice. It was practical and actionable; I can use Jessica’s suggestions right away.

~ Kelli OTR/L

Jessica made the introduction to telehealth less intimidating to me. I can now breathe and move forward.

~ Stephanie OTR/L