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Ice Cream Cone Cookie

Ice Cream Cone Cookie

Step 4.

I Scream.  You Scream.  We All Scream for Ice Cream!  Go ahead and have a spoon full of ice cream!  I created this Mini Ice Cream Cookie Craft to celebrate the end of the school year and to welcome summer!

These easy to make Mini Ice Cream Cone Cookies encourage fine motor skill development such as using a knife to cut or spread frosting.  Dexterity skills are definitely challenged for picking up tiny pieces of candy and the itty, bitty sprinkles.

When it comes to sensory processing, this cookie craft is especially good if your child is working on increasing their tolerance for having messy hands.  The pairing of a non-preferred sensation (getting hands dirty with frosting) with a positive association of ice cream, can serve as an experience that turns a messy activity into a fun experience.  Plus, licking this kind of ice cream may also introduce a new texture that some kids may otherwise avoid.

I always have a wet paper towel or wet wipe on hand so kids can wipe their hands.  Plus, it’s also best practice for little chefs to learn to not lick their fingers while cooking, no matter how delicious.  It’s not only good practice for sanitation, but also good practice for exercising self-control!

I know you’re gonna love making these with your kids!  Would you like one scoop or two?  Or perhaps you prefer having a spoonful of ice cream?   In this case, each mini ice cream cone fits onto a tablespoon, and although small, they’re sure to be a big hit at your next celebration.

Check out the video tutorial below for step by step instructions to make these tasty treats.

Here’s a stack of my tips for efficient, lunch making:

  • If your mornings are hectic, consider assembling lunch boxes the night before to buy some extra time in the morning.
  • Have a large labeled container or bowl for each child.  I call it a “lunch bucket”. Over the weekend, have your kids pre-pack the non-perishable items.  Create an assembly line of bags and choices of chips, crackers, juice boxes, utensils, granola bars etc.
  • Have each child prefill their bags, select enough of each item for the week and put into their designed lunch bucket.
  • If you have multiple children with different tastes, they can choose what goes into their lunch, which is good for giving them some sense of control.
  • Join the Green Team:  I love these reusable sandwich bags and containers.  They’re economical over the long run and better for the environment too! Reusable Sandwich bags or silicone reusable bags
I know you’re gonna love making these with your kids!  These Ice Cream Sandwiches make for the coolest lunches this summer.

Check out the video tutorial for step by step instructions.
And if your child is wondering, where’s the “REAL” dessert?

You’ll love this pint-sized Ice Cream Cone Cookie Craft.



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