Play It Forward Therapy

Teddy Bear Beach Cookie

This adorable Teddy Bear Beach Cookie complete with a sandy beach is sure to make a splash at your next pool party!  Kids can make a teddy bear sunbathing on a tiny towel or floating in a sweet, swim ring.  Beach life has never tasted so good!


Plus, your child will practice important fine motor skills such as using a knife to spread the frosting, holding scissors to cut and a pincer grasp to pick up the small treats between thumb and index finger. If your child assembles several cookies, you can get a lot of practice in for these important fine motor coordination skills



  • OREO cookie
  • Crushed graham cracker
  • Blue frosting (or Vanilla with blue food coloring)
  • 1 Teddy Graham Cookie
  • Candy:  Rainbow Airhead candy or 1 Gummy Lifesaver Candy

You will need:  Knife, scissors, rolling pin

Create Your Beach Scene!

  1. Spread the blue frosting on top of the cookie.
  2. Crush graham crackers into crumbs.
  3. Use your pincher fingers to sprinkle the crumbs onto half of the cookie.
  4. Poke a bear into the lifesaver hole for a floatie OR
  5. Place a bear on top of the rainbow candy beach towel.


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