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Spooktacular Halloween Snacks

Spooktacular Halloween Snacks

Kids will surely think these Ghost Quesadillas are a “spooktacular” snack.  This is probably the only time you won’t mind hearing “Boos” at your  kitchen table!

Classic quesadillas are kids favorite and they can be customized in so many ways.

These cheesy bites of deliciousness in a toasted tortilla are sure to please, especially when kids can gobble up a tasty ghost.  If your child tends to be “afraid” to try new foods, enlist his or her help to make the quesadilla for you or someone else. 

Pro Tip:  Interacting with the food, different textures, colors and shapes is an excellent opportunity to improve a picky eater’s tolerance for various textures of foods.

Offer a variety of different flavored cheese such as orange cheddar, white cheddar or mozzarella cheese  It’s fun to experiment with different types of tortillas too (e.g. corn, flour, quinoa) or try using different types of colored wraps (e.g. tomato, spinach).

  • Ask what your child notices about the different colors, textures and smells of the various ingredients.
  • Talk about the colors and the different types of faces (scary, happy, sad) that you can make with various veggie ingredients!


  • Tortillas (flour, corn, flavored)
  • Shredded cheese
  • Sliced olives
  • Colorful sweet peppers (green, red, yellow, orange)
  • Carrot coins


  • Scissors (Clean and kid-safe)
  • Knife
  • Griddle or frying pan
  • Non-stick spray
  • Spatula


  1.  Practice cutting skills by using scissors to cut out the tortillas.  First stack two tortillas  on top of each other. Cut out the desired shape so both sides of your tortilla match.
  2.  Next layer of cheese between the two tortillas.
  3.  Fry on the griddle or use a toaster oven to melt the cheese.
  4.  Add colorful veggie toppings to make the faces.
  5.  Get creative and have fun!
Other fun ideas…
  • Jack O’ Lantern Quesadilla:  Use an orange sun-dried tomato wrap to cut out a shapes for the face.  Add a stick of green celery to the top for a stem.

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