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Hanukkah Cookies

Hanukkah Cookies


These miniature Menorah Cookies are a sure way to brighten your next Hanukkah celebration while these edible Dreidels are a tasty spin-off from the traditional Hanukkah game and a fun way to improve fine motor skills.

If you’re looking for more savory than sweet, use your pincher fingers and fine motor skills to make a cheese and pretzel menorah.  Add a side of apple slices and oranges, and you’ll have a balanced snack to keep you fueled through the festivities!

Handwriting Practice: For older children, have them make the snacks first, then write each step in sequential detail for how they made it. Encourage self-checking their work to make sure that others can read and understand what they wrote.  Either way it’s a novel way to get in some handwriting practice during the winter break.

Sweet Menorah Cookies


  • 1 sandwich cookie (Double Stuff Oreos work well)
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Candy melts
  • Orange food coloring
  • Vanilla frosting 
  • Blue Sprinkles
  • Wax paper, plate, spoon and knife


1.  Carefully cute Oreo in half.
2.  Frost the cookie half.  Add sprinkles.  Set aside.
3.  Break the “candle” pretzels into various lengths for the candles.
4.  Dip one end of the pretzel into a small bowl of orange candy melt. Let dry.
5.  Poke the end of the pretzel candle between the cookie sandwich layers to secure.

Savory Pretzel and Cheese Menorah Snack


  • Babybel Cheese
  • Mini pretzel sticks
  • Cheddar cheese dip
1.  Cut the circle cheese in half.
2.  Poke the pretzel candles into the cheese.
3.  Add orange cheese flames to the tops of the candles.
Serve with apple or orange slices on the side for a healthy snack

Dreidel Treat


  • 1 large marshmallow
  • 1 pretzel stick
  • 1 Hershey chocolate kiss
  • White frosting
  • Sprinkles

Pro-Tip: Use these activities to practice some handwriting over the holidays. Write out the steps. Have kids copy the recipe before assembling the snacks. It’s excellent practice for sequencing and following multi-step directions.