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Merry Matching Eraser Game

Merry Matching Eraser Game

This Merry Matching Eraser Game is a sure way to enjoy some festive, fine motor fun!  This activity is a wonderful way to address not only fine motor coordination, but also sustained attention, visual perceptual skills and eye hand coordination.

The level of challenge can be modified for all skill levels.  To make it more challenging, use tongs or chopsticks to place the erasers on their match.  To simplify, place them on the paper first then have your child pick them up one at time to put into the container.

You can also adjust the level of difficulty by how your child is positioned, whether seated at the table, on the floor or lying on his/her stomach to strengthen neck, shoulders and upper back.

It’s easily portable to use at the clinic, school or on the road.

Other Ideas: Look for small flat erasers for other holidays such as Halloween pumpkins, Easter eggs, Emojis etc)..  You can bring them out every year to start your own traditions for holiday Eraser Matching Games!

Precautions:  Use your best judgement when using small items to avoid the risk of choking.

Merry Matching Eraser Game

You will need

  • A variety of small holiday erasers
  • Color copy machine
  • White cardstock 8.5 x 11″
  • Laminator with laminating sheets or clear contact paper
  • Small Tongs
  • Container to hold the erasers


  1. Arrange the erasers on the copy machine glass.
  2.  Make a copy on the cardstock.
  3. Laminate or cover with clear contact paper.
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