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Occupational Therapy School Age Screening Checklist- FREE

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Occupational Therapy School Age Screening Checklist- FREE

How are things going at school?  Do you think your student could use a boost?   Occupational Therapists help kids reach their developmental milestones,  improve motor skills, handwriting legibility, sensory processing and social skills.  If your student is experiencing any of the following that are interfering with his or her participation, success at school or confidence in the classroom… then occupational therapy intervention may be helpful.

The primary goal of OT is to find ways to help kids be more successful whether it be skill practice or providing accommodations or modifications to set them up for success.

Many parents worry about their child being “labeled”, however this is not the point of an OT evaluation. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses and something they need to work on. It’s better to address it now before the problems become worse or affect your child’s self-esteem.

If you think there’s a problem, my advice to you is…When in doubt, check it out. Equip your child with the the tools they need now to feel competent and confident at school.

How Do I Know If My Student Needs
Occupational Therapy (OT) Services?

  • Seems less coordinated that same age peers.  Needs more practice than other children to learn new skills.
  • Overly active, unable to slow down.  Difficulty self-calming or regulating activity level.
  • Difficulty following multi- step directions
  • Over-reacts to touch, taste, sounds, or smells.
  • Has difficulty handling transitions or unexpected changes in routine.
  • Difficulty focusing attention or over-focused and unable to shift to the next task.
  • Does not enjoy jumping, swings or having feet off the ground.
  • Difficulty safely navigating play equipment or takes excessive risks, poor impulse control
  • Dislikes handwriting or avoids writing tasks.
  • Holds pencil with an awkward grasp
  • Tires quickly during written class work
  • Has difficulty coloring in the lines
  • Breaks pencils/crayons frequently, writes with heavy pressure or too lightly
  • Letter reversals  (1st grade and beyond)
  • Finds it difficult to make friends with children of the same age, prefers to play with adults or younger children rather than peers.
  • Poor self-esteem, lack of confidence, easily frustrated, gives up easily
If you find that your child is experiencing several of these challenges and if it’s affecting his or her level of performance at school or confidence is suffering, then it would be worth having your child assessed.

If you’re ready for this next step, I encourage you to contact your home school, ask your pediatrician for local referrals or come visit us at Stepping Stones Therapy Network in Bellevue, WA!

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