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Spooky Slime

Spooky Sensory Slime

Let’s get messy!  In occupational therapy we have a few good and gooey reasons to make slime!  The truth is, making slime incorporates many aspects of fine motor coordination, dexterity and sensory processing, especially when it comes to increasing texture tolerance.  

7 Surprising Benefits of Playing With Slime

 #1:  Introducing different textures in a fun way can help some kids improve their tolerance to wet and sticky textures.

Protip: When your child can tolerate other wet and squishy textures such as finger paint and playdough, they’re more likely to be ready to tolerate the texture of slime.

#2. Playing with slime can help satisfy a kid’s sensory need to constantly touch things for kids who are sensory seekers for touch input. 

#3.  Playing with slime acts as a fidget and can have a calming effect.

#4. Pushing, pulling, stretching, rolling and pinching slime strengthen hands and fingers by providing a repetitive resistance exercise. 

#5.  Picking and pulling out hidden items out improves finger dexterity and precision.

#6. Making a new slime recipe is good practice for following direction

#7.  You can make slime all year round! 

Click Here to Watch the Slime Recipe Video

Spooky Slime Recipe

You will need

  • 1 Cup white Elmer’s glue
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 Tbs contact lens solution
  • Food coloring
  • Spoon
  • Plastic container
  • Optional:  Confetti or glitter mix ins


  1.  Stir 1 tsp baking soda into the glue.
  2.  Add the food coloring and stir until desired color is achieved.
  3.  Add 1 TBs of contact lens solution
  4. Mix until the slime starts to pull away from the sides of the container.
  5. Take out and stretch, pull, knead on a non-stick surface.

Pro Tips:

  • The slime may be quite sticky at first, however the more you work the slime the firmer it will become.
  • You can also add more contact lens solution 1 tsp at a time for a firmer slime.
  • Reuse a plastic yogurt or other type of container with lid to keep your slime in.
  • Don’t let it get on your clothes or the carpet!

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