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Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Cookie

Jack O’ Lantern Cookie

Jack O’ Lantern Cookies

These cute Jack O’ Lantern Cookies are SO easy to make it’s scary! Use ready made ingredients to assemble this Halloween cookie craft. 

Ingredients & Supplies

  • Oreos or other round cookies
  • Mini Chocolate chips
  • Orange frosting OR Vanilla frosting and red and yellow food coloring
  • Green Sour Punch Straws
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • Child safe scissors
Practice Fine Motor Skills In The Kitchen

This activity helps kids improve fine motor skills while using a spoon to mix, a knife to spread and scissors to snip the candy straw stem!  There are several skills that your child will practice to make these adorable cookies, whether it’s a single treat or a platter of pumpkins to bring to your next party. For example…

  • Mixing the frosting requires strength and the use of two hands (one to hold the container and the other to stir with a spoon). 
  • Learning to hold a knife properly to spread the frosting encourages proper utensil use.
  • Snipping candy straws with scissors supports hand strength and scissor skills.
  • Picking up tiny chocolate chips is excellent for developing precision pinch skills.
  • Next decide whether your Jack o’ Lantern’s mouth will be happy, sad or scary.
  • Note: You can get several repetitions in if you decorate lots of little pumpkins.


Pro Tip: Increase the dexterity challenge by placing the chocolate chips on the face with the pointy sides up. This will make the face look like a classically carved pattern with a triangle-shaped nose and eyes. 

No matter how spooky these Jack O’ Lantern Cookies try to be… they’ll always be sweet little pumpkin treats.