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Create Your Own Bitmoji Therapy Room


Imagine creating your own virtual therapy space for telehealth! Learn how to create and customize a Bitmoji Treatment or Motor Room. Before we start, let’s get some basic questions answered first, especially if you’re wondering…

  • What is a Bitmoji?
  • What is the purpose of a Bitmoji Therapy Room?
  • Why should I create one?

Do you wish you had an awesome virtual room, but aren’t sure where to start? I’m glad you’re here because I have just what you need to get started including a video tutorial at the end of this post.

I created some FREE background templates that’ll save you time and fast track your virtual therapy room set up.

Bitmoji FAQ’s

What is a Bitmoji?

It’s an emoji version of you. Imagine yourself as a cartoon avatar! Click here to read about Bitmojis and how to create one for yourself.

What is the purpose of a Bitmoji room?

When you create a Bitmoji Therapy Room or a Bitmoji Classroom, it’s a visual representation of your virtual treatment room.
You can use it to…

  • Practice computer access
  • Organize your favorite digital telehealth activities and online links
  • Give kids “controlled” choices for therapy activities.

Why create a Bitmoji Therapy Room?

Here's how a Bitmoji Room can enhance your telehealth practice.

  •  Sets up a familiar structure to your session: It represents a familiar “virtual place” with consistent activities, structure and controlled choices.  Children generally benefit from consistency so having a familiar set up, whether in person or online, can help your kids transition more easily from one activity to the next.  For children that have difficulty initiating or getting started, a visual representation of their choices can help support their executive functioning skills, such as creating a plan and sequencing.
  • Helps you plan your treatment sessions in advance:  When you take the time to create a Bitmoji Virtual Occupational Therapy Room, use it as an opportunity to enhance your treatment planning skills.  The planning that goes into creating your own treatment makes you focus on which therapeutic activities are the highest priority.  Ask yourself the question, “Which activities and resources will best address your student or client’s goals?”.  By carefully considering which items and images to include in your treatment room, you will gain improved focus on what activities will best support your clients functional needs and goals.
  • Encourages social skills and interactions: Talk about the different items in your room, share something personal (like a picture of your   favorite place or a pet) so kids can get to know you better.  Think of some ideas that you can share which could help you develop rapport as well as create a personal connection online.
  • It’s a great way to express your personal style and a fun creative outlet:  For therapists looking for a new creative project, it’s an awesome opportunity to create a functional, digital design that can make your therapy sessions more interesting and fun!


In this video, you’ll discover how to enhance your student’s telehealth sessions by welcoming them into your very own virtual treatment space.  You’ll also learn…

  •  How to use Google slides To Create Your Bitmoji Classroom (can also be done in Powerpoint)
  •  How to insert images
  •  How to add links to images
  •  How to create a Bitmoji (personal cartoon emoji or avatar of yourself)
  •  Where to design your own personalized Bitmoji cartoon avatar
  •  How to get a FREE Bitmoji Classroom Background To Get You Started

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