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Witches Fingers Breadsticks

Get your cauldron ready, because we’re about to brew up a batch of Witches Fingers Breadsticks! These eerie and delicious treats are perfect for Halloween parties or just a wickedly good snack. With their creepy appearance and savory taste, these breadsticks are sure to cast a spell on your kids and grown up’s taste buds.

Benefits of this Activity

  • But that’s not all – making Witches Fingers Breadsticks is also a fantastic way to support fine motor skills. 
  • As kids roll and shape the dough into finger-like shapes, they’ll be honing their fine motor skills. 
  • This activity is also perfect for practicing how to properly grasp a knife to work on pre-cutting skills. 
  • Carefully following the directions and staying organized in the kitchen help children’s executive functioning development too.


Ready made pizza dough *see note

      • Whole or slivered almonds

      • 1 large egg (beaten) optional

      • Optional to make them green: Basil pesto or green food coloring

      • Marinara dipping sauce

    Note: For easy prep, use store bought pizza dough which can be from a mix or found in your grocery’s refrigerated section. Some tasty examples include: Trader Joes pizza dough, Pillsbury gluten free pizza crust or Jus Roll Family Size Pizza Crust.


    1.  Preheat oven to according to package directions.

    2.  Divide dough into quarters, cover remaining dough with plastic wrap to avoid drying out.

    3.  Roll each quarter of the dough into an 18” long snake.

    4.  Using a pizza cutter, cut into thirds.

    5.  Shape the fingers: Pinch towards the top of each finger and half way down for the knuckles. Lightly score each knuckle with a sharp knife

    6.  Add the finger nail: Using your pointer finger, gently press down at the narrowest tip of the breadstick. Place a sliced almond slightly at the tip.

    7.  Paint with egg wash for a golden brown and slightly shinier appearance.

    8.  Bake for 10-12 minutes until puffy and slightly golden.

    9.  Arrange on a plate or place upright in mason jar with marina sauce.

      Makes 1 dozen

      More Spooky Snack Ideas

      Green Snakes: Shape coils of dough into snakes. Brush with green pesto. Bake per package directions. Add black olive eyes and a red pepper tongue.

      Mummy Dogs: Roll and cut thin strips of dough. Wrap the strips of dough around a hot dog or mini sausage. Leave a small opening for the eyes. Bake according to package directions. Add two dots for glowing, yellow mustard eye.

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