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Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie

These tiny Turkey Cookies will be gobbled up in no time!

Use ready made ingredients to assemble this Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie craft.  Practice utensil use and fine motor skills while assembling these adorable cookies, whether it’s a single treat or a flock of sweet turkeys to grace your Thanksgiving dessert table.

Benefits of This Activity

  • Practice using a knife:  Practice how to grasp a plastic knife properly to spread the frosting.  Spreading with a knife is easier than cutting, so master this step first.
  • Scissors Skills: Snipping the candy gobbler and mini marshmallows in half encourages precision grasp and two hand use.
  • Precision Grasp: Picking up these tiny chocolate morsels is excellent for developing a pincer grasp (pinch between thumb and index finger). Note: An alternative is to buy the ready made candy eyeballs, which will be easier for younger children to grasp. 

Bonus Activity 1: For a fun dexterity challenge, place 5 candy corns in the palm of the hand, then shift the candy corns from the palm of the hand to your thumb pad and index finger tip without help from the other hand.  This fine motor coordination skill is called palm to finger translation.

Turkey Cookie


  • 1 Nilla wafer Cookie
  • 1 Mini Nilla Wafer Cookie
  • 1 Mini Marshmallow
  • 2 Mini Chocolate Chips
  • 5-6 candy corns
  • 1 orange slice
  • 1 dried cranberry (Craisins)
  • Chocolate frosting

Supplies:  Knife, scissors, toothpick (optional). 

Other Ideas:  Use red gummy candy or licorice for the gobbler.  If using an Oreo cookie for the body, stick the candy corn tips sandwiched between top and bottom half. Then place the head on top.


Step 1. Make the Body: Use a knife to spread the frosting on the cookie.

Step 2. Add the Head: stick the Mini Nilla wafer on the bottom half of the body.

Step 3.  Add the Feathers: Place 5 candy corns in a semi-circle shape above the head.

Step 4. Make the Eyes: Using scissors, cut a marshmallow in half.  With non sticky side up, Push a chocolate chip in the center of each eye.  It’s easier to push the pointy side of the chip into the marshmallow.  Add the sticky marshmallow to the head.

Step 5.  Make the Beak and Gobbler: Cut a small triangle shape from the orange slice and a thin strip of dried cranberry for the gobbler. Place the gobbler next to the beak.

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