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Thanksgiving with a Picky Eater

We hope that Thanksgiving, and holiday get togethers in general, are a source of food and fun. But for some kids, holiday meal times may feel more like food and fuss, especially for kids that are picky eaters.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie

These tiny Turkey Cookies will be gobbled up in no time!

Use ready made ingredients to assemble this Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie craft. There are several skills that your child will practice to make these adorable cookies, whether it’s a single treat or a flock of sweet turkeys to grace your Thanksgiving dessert table.

Turkey Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Kids will enjoy making this twist on a classic grilled cheese sandwich! It’s a Turkey Sandwich without the turkey… but how can that be?! Using a knife to make 3 simple cuts transforms your plain sandwich into a silly turkey that will be gobbled up in no time!

Plus, it’s a clever way to get in a balanced meal of grains, dairy and veggies. I made a ham and grilled cheese in this example. You can always sub out the ingredients if your child has food allergies or make a completely different type of sandwich. Make it your own! This is an easy lunch prep idea that older children can help with.

Fine Motor Clothespin Turkey

Clip-on clothespin feathers are the perfect accessory for this turkey’s dressing! This cute and clever Thanksgiving craft is perfect for preschoolers to strengthen their fine motor skills. It also involves following directions and is excellent practice for fine motor skills such as cutting, coloring, gluing and pinching. Pinching clothespins helps strengthen the muscles important for developing dexterity.

Pressed Leaf Placemat

Q: Why do leaves fall from dogwood trees? A: They’re afraid of the bark. Q: How do leaves get from place to place? A: They use Autumn-obiles. The season of Fall brings a smile to my face (as

Spooky Slime

Let’s get messy! In occupational therapy we have a few good and gooey reasons to make slime!

Introducing different textures in a fun way can help some kids improve their tolerance to wet and sticky textures. When your child can tolerate other wet and squishy textures such as finger paint and playdough, making slime may be a fun thing to try.

Spooktacular Halloween Snacks

This is probably the only time I don’t mind hearing “Boos” from my kids at the kitchen table! Your kids will surely think these Ghost Quesadillas are a spooktacular snack.

Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Cookie

These cute Jack O’ Lantern Cookies are SO easy to make it’s scary!
Use ready made ingredients to assemble this Halloween cookie craft. There are several skills that your child will practice to make these adorable cookies, whether it’s a single treat or a platter of pumpkins to bring to your next party.

Puffy Pumpkin Craft

Puffy Pumpkin Craft Puffy Pumpkin Craft Supplies orange tempura paint white glue shaving creme paint brush construction paper or cardstock You may also like spooky Halloween Snacks. RELATED POSTS [elementor-template id=”15269″]

Spooktacular Halloween OT Activities

Halloween is almost here! Enjoy these festive “OT Tested and Kid Approved” Halloween activities while supporting your child’s development. Discover the therapeutic benefits of these Halloween inspired therapy activities to do at home or in the clinic.